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Jul. 8th, 2011 08:16 pm
i_run_you_chase: (insane!jarod)
[personal profile] i_run_you_chase
Jarod's mind doesn't work like most people's. When he dreams, it is in sharp, reoccuring memories, occasionally spliced with other memories. He doesn't dream. He remembers, painfully. He is used to waking up with his head pounding and the memories coursing through him like a simulation gone wrong.

And eyes. He dreams of the eyes of the people he was responsible for killing. He believes that's just part of the simulation, too.

Tonight, he dreams. He opens his eyes and sees the Barge, empty and open as though it were nighttime and everyone was asleep. He sees a light on at the end of a darkened hallway. He sees it as though it were yesterday.

But it's not like any memory. It's different. He steps towards the light. Footsteps ring out somewhere around him.

"Who's there?" he calls.
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