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Jarod is an empath. He can literally become anyone he wants to be. In the Pretender, Jarod is often able to sense character's moods or feel things they don't normally express.

While a fun thing, in general, it can become a very broken ability if used incorrectly, so I've created a permissions meme to make sure that I'm doing it right and staying away from godmodding! Please take the time to fill this out for me, just so I know what to do with your character!

For everything else outside of this meme, I will make sure to PM before I do it! All responses are screened, so please don't hesitate to say "No" to any of these if they make you feel uncomfortable. I'm always around on AIM (rickmaniac101) or email (naughtygirlslikepolka AT gmail DOT com) in order to sort out how Jarod's innate abilities can work to our RP advantage!


1) My I use your narration in order for Jarod to "feel" your character's emotions regarding a scene? (Such as: You write, "Jay feels sick. He gives Jarod a smile, trying to cover it up." Jarod is aware that Jay feels unhappy and maybe even that he hurts, though he is not aware of why.)
2) Is it possible for Jarod to have simulated your character before (Are they important politicians, significant figures, or the like prior to 1996), and would you like that to be part of his history?
3) May Jarod "simulate" your character at some point?
(This will involve lots of OOC interaction between us, but I want to see who is interested in this as a possibility)

Thank you so much for your time!
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