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[Private to Miss Parker]

[it is 3:18 am]

[Jarod will be holding up his walkman with the recorded sound of a phone ringing to the communicator]
i_run_you_chase: (parker - totally not flirting)
He wants to say it's because he likes tormenting her.

It works, of course. He can hear that irritation in her voice when she knows he's close enough to hear but not close enough to catch. He can hear her high heels tap irritably on the hardwood floor and he can feel her frustration boiling under his skin He likes that, it makes his lips twitch up in the slightest of smirks. But, really, that's not the reason.

He wants to say it's because he can know what she's doing.

After all, she is the one chasing him and he's the one being chased. The smart prey knows where the lioness is hunting. He can hear the sounds of Laos behind her and he knows she's half a planet in the wrong place. He knows the room she's standing in, he can feel the grease from the cookery below her as it stings her legs. It's good to know where she is, and his fists relax slightly when he knows he's safe. But, really, that's not the reason.

He wants to say it's because he's feeling nostalgic.

Oh, there's nostalgia every time he hears her voice. He feels like he's a child again, holding his hand out against the glass in order to feel the hand of the girl who calls herself Miss Parker. He remembers more when he calls her, he feels like his simulation exercises are stronger, clearer. He can feel his mind open up when he hears her voice. But, really, that's not the reason.

The reason is that it's late where he is.

The sun is coming up over Laos. He knows how the hot, sticky sun feels against Miss Parker's skin and he can hear her groan just a little bit as it blares through the blinds and into her eyes. But in Seattle, it's dark and it's time for him to sleep. It's time for him to sleep, so he calls Miss Parker.

Really, deep down, that's the only reason he's called. Logically, it doesn't make sense. So, he chalks it up to one of the three reasons, finishes his call, and lays down on the motel cot. He sleeps better when he hears her voice, and he knows it has nothing to do with the fact that she's so far away.

But even a genius can't quite figure it out.
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